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Heat recovery fans

We have installed heat recovery fans at either end of the house; one where we dry our clothes on 'pulleys' which are raised up to the ceiling  and one in the shower room. These are humidity sensitive, but only have high and low settings. An intermediate setting would be better as would some sort of wind protection outside as when the wind blows hard they do not recover the heat as well. These enable the moisture to be taken out of the air but the heat to be retained. They have resolved some of the condensation on our double glazed windows which got worse when we put in the extra insulation. It is said that if all conventional fans were replaced with heat recovery ones the power saved would be the equivalent to the output of 2 power stations.
However the particular ventaxia model that we have does not work well when temperatures drop below about 4 degrees as they ice up and start making a horrible noise and have to be switched off. A better solution might be a heat recovery system in the attic taking air through a vent in the ceiling of each room as is done in new build eco homes. They use about 40 W so we switch them off if its sunny and we are not having condensation problems in the summer.