Heat Pump

Our 12kW NIBE Heat Pump was installed in April 2013. For the first year our average electricity consumption per day has been 23 kW only 8kW a day above the average for the 47 spring days prior to installation and we exported 100kWh more electricity than we are imported. Because some of the electricity we are using we generate ourselves and only forgo the 3.2p per kW we would have received from exporting it we paid around £347 for heat a year. Compare this with people we know who are spending around £3000 a year on oil for a similar sized house. The Heat pump works by concentrating the heat from the two 150m bore holes so only about a quarter of the energy is needed, a bit like the reverse of a fridge. We are very pleased to be off oil.
We received a Renewable Heat Premium of £2300 towards the £26000 cost and are just about to start getting the Renewable Heat Incentive. We could not apply till now because we already had the Renewable Heat Premium.  We took out an interest free loan from the Energy Saving Trust for £10000 of the cost and have eight years to pay this back.  The RHI is pretty generous and we think we will probably have paid for the heat pump within about 7 years. 
We have the Heat Pump set to keep the temperature at 18 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night but switch it to 'summer mode' if no heating is required and off altogether if we have enough hot water from our solar panels.