Statement Of Intent

Drumsmittal Renewables is a new business started up to contribute to the fight to reduce the effects of climate change. The aim is to reduce the CO2 produced by the building and generate sufficient electricity from a medium scale 6 kW wind turbine to sell approximately two thirds of the energy generated back to the grid through the Npower scheme. This income, once it has paid for the cost of the installation would then be used to support further reductions in CO2  on the property. The aim would be to ultimately be carbon negative. A website has been set up to show others how to achieve this for similar sized rural buildings. Any eventual profit would be ploughed into funding of further rural renewable energy schemes.
The business has one part time worker who has so far acted as an advisor to a local church to enable them to obtain funding and tender for a feasibility study on renewable energy and energy efficiency which ultimately led to them installing solar hot water panels in their café project. It also has a website manager.
So far electricity use has been reduced by about 40% through use of low energy light bulbs and plumbing of a shower and dishwasher to run on hot water which is partly supplied by a Genersys solar hot water system. The solar panels supply nearly all the power for hot water required in the summer months and make a good contribution the rest of the year.
Heating requirements have been reduced by installing cavity wall insulation and increasing loft insulation using thermafleece. Biomass is also used to heat one of the rooms in the form of a log fire with logs produced on site or gleaned from local forestry commission areas under a gleaning licence. The inverter for the proposed turbine would be sited in a room currently unheated and heat given off as a by product will heat this room. 
This application is for a 6kW Scirocco wind turbine manufactured by Eoltec